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Why Nakshatra Education For MBBS In Abroad?

We are pleased to welcome you to Nakshatra Education, a one-stop website for all of your MBBS course counselling requirements. One of the top medical admissions consulting firms, NAKSHATRA EDUCATION, offers thorough direction and support for NEET Counseling for both undergraduate and graduate students. We have gained the vital experience in providing MBBS medical admissions consulting services in India and abroad, and we have refined our skills in this field.

It is critical to keep updated on the various regulations governing medical colleges in India and abroad, and this is where Nakshatra Education can be of additional help. We offer NEET consultancy and guidance as a service, where we give you all the necessary updates and help you get your MBBS admissions in prestigious private colleges abroad.

Why Nakshatra Education?

  • Nakshatra Education is a digitally enabled, fully integrated platform for academic and career guidance that aids students in making 21st-century career decisions. A team of qualified of technologists, counsellors, and business professionals supports Nakshatra Education in its mission to offer individualized new-age career counselling to study MBBS abroad to millions of students whenever and wherever they need it.

  • After you have decided to study MBBS abroad , you will have to take and pass the entrance exams associated with it in order to be able to sign up for admissions and reputable scholarships. If you don't pass the entrance exam, NAKSHATRA EDUCATION will assist you in choosing the best college or university and will assume full responsibility for getting you accepted there.

  • If you have decided to study MBBS abroad you might have to take a variety of entrance exams to gain admission to higher-level programmes. Additionally, you might have to take various scholarship exams. NAKSHATRA EDUCATION assists with providing information about various entrance & scholarship examinations via message or mail; assistance with filling out online forms; provision of the syllabus & previous 10 years' worth of question & answer material for a specific exam; and assistance with online counselling after receiving results

  • When recommending a university to potential students, we take great care to consider their learning preferences, financial situation, aptitude, and suitability for the environment as a whole. A student must also be aware that different countries have different course length requirements.

  • Additionally, we offer advice to students on how to select a course based on its length and educate them on the distinctions between a 4, 5, or 6-year MBBS programme abroad with or without internships in India and abroad.

  • By providing hard copy sample papers for entrance & scholarship exams after 10th or 12th grade, NAKSHATRA EDUCATION provides proper guidance in the academic race. The NAKSHATRA Google App provides students with suggestion papers. By using the Nakshatra Google App, students can obtain online practice exams. Additionally, they can easily chat with our expert through the app for any type of discussion

How can we help?

1.Selecting a respectable institute

We have taken it upon ourselves to get young Indians admitted into the best MBBS colleges abroad so that a proper education is the last thing they have to stress about because admission into a good institution is essential for a great career. Based on their academic qualifications and financial capacity, we help students reach the highest academic levels attainable with the help of reliable credentials and our dependable service. In order to provide the best educational opportunities at renowned universities abroad, we appropriately establish the academic objectives for aspirant students. dedicated to the ideals of excellence and integrity.


The extensive service packages at NAKSHATRA are very affordable and appropriate for the wide range of academic interests of students. With the support of knowledgeable staff and a strong technology, NAKSHATRA provides you with the best study package in accordance with your needs, both financially and academically.

3.Career Interest Evaluation

Your career options are matched to your work-related interests by our tried-and-true Interest Assessment.

4.Online Career Guidance

For beneficial career decisions, receive individualized career coaching from our qualified and experienced coaches.

5.A road map for your career

A thorough career plan that includes suggestions for alternative courses and careers as well as ongoing support.

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