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Nakshtra Education has a quick fix for the students confused whether about study abroad, study in India, or MBBS abroad. We have expert counselors who provide genuine guidance in your journey to being a successful one in any particular education field.

Today, a large of  students prefer to study abroad as compared to earlier days. Studying abroad provides not only top-notch education but also an experience of a new place. Wherever students find better education and opportunities as compare to their home country, they plan to study over there.

Needless to say, numerous advantages are attached to studying abroad. That incorporates excellent teaching methods, a good education system, a fine living style, and amazing campus life.

Indian scholarships make studying abroad a “pocket-friendly choice”, i.e., allowing students to study MBBS in abroad at low cost.

If you want to take admission in medical courses abroad, Nakshtra is the best choice to get free counselling, Admission guidance, Visa documentation, Post education assistance, etc.

Preferable Countries To Study abroad

Preferred Courses To Study in Australia

Check out the created list of the important courses which are in high demand in today’s work field and get admission in the top medical colleges in abroad to pursue your career.

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For Management Courses

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Computer Courses

Engineering Courses

For Management Courses

Management, Medical, Engineering, and IT are the sought-after courses. You can choose the specific degree to pursue in the field you like most.

Career Scopes of These Courses

In the UK, the universities provide not only quality education but also train the students to grab job opportunities. We have mentioned some of the topmost professions of most demanded fields such as Medical, Computer, Engineering, and Management.

Audit Manager

Insurance Agent

Stock Broker

Marketing Manager

Sales Manager

Human Resource Manager

Financial Manager

Operations Manager

Architectural and Engineering Manager

Study Abroad Vs Study India

HeadingsStudy AbroadStudy India
ServicesAdvanced amenities, ample classrooms, auditoriums, and labs.
Living style is also up to expectations.
Indian government institutes have still lacks regarding hygienic facilities
Education Focused on both theory and practical work, along with internships in adequate number.In Indian education system, there is totally opposite. They still provide largely theoretical knowledge
ExposureStudents expose to different people from varied nationalities– counterparts, teachers, and other peopleHere, worldview is comparatively too low
BudgetFree from any donations or capitationsExtra pressure given donations/capitation along with regular fees
Work opportunitiesStudents can get the part-time jobs while pursuing their studies to handle their living costs.Very few chances in this perspective in our country

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