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MBBS In Georgia

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One of the well-known places to pursue an MBBS career is Georgia. For all aspiring medical students, who want to study MBBS abroad it is their preferred location. All medical students attending MBBS universities in Georgia have access to the best facilities, and those who have not yet aced the two-language proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL) are also acceptable . Indian students who have chosen to pursue their dreams of studying medicine abroad can do so conveniently in Georgia.

MBBS programme for international and Indian students  who plan to study MBBS in Georgia from India have access to world-class research infrastructure.

These MBBS Universities in Georgia are well regarded by MCI, WHO, and numerous other prestigious medical organizations that uphold high standards, and they are on par with top-ranked universities around the world.

Top Ranked University

About Georgia

Georgia, a former Soviet republic that gained independence in 1991, is situated where West Asia and East Europe converge. Georgia is a unitary republic with only one legislative house, despite having a multiparty system. Not many people are aware, but Joseph Stalin, the legendary Soviet dictator, was born here. The country is shielded from the chilly winds flowing from the north by the Caucasian Mountains, which border it on the north.

    Advantages of studying MBBS in Georgia

    • Enjoy the best possible quality of life while paying lower than average tuition costs and living within your means.

    • Admission to Georgian universities doesn't involve making a donation of any kind.

    • Given that it is a Democratic Republic, the country has a lower crime rate than other nations. Both locals and students from other countries can feel safe and secure here

    • According to a survey, Georgia is among the top 10 safest places to live.

    • Compared to other nations, its economy is nearly 2.5 times larger.

    • A desirable location for students looking to pursue MBBS studies in Europe.

    • For Indian students, English is the primary teaching language.

    • Friendly locals who extend a warm welcome to international students

    • MCI and WHO have approved Georgia's medical universities.

    • Georgia's MBBS admissions process is quick.

    • International guests teachers from the UK, the USA, Canada, and Europe.

    • Extracurricular activities like debates, field trips, and various sports are used to keep students interested.

    • An efficient transport system.

    MBBS In Georgia Eligibility

    Entrance Criteria

    The students must have successfully passed the NEET exam and have finished class 12 at an accredited university or board. Some universities have made it a requirement that applicants must have successfully completed the IELTS or TOEFL with good scores


    The applicant must be at least 17 years old as of December 31, 2022, in order to be eligible to study MBBS in Georgia in that year.

    Academic Qualification

    For students in the General category, a minimum aggregate grade of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is required, and they must have English as a required subject in their 12th-grade curriculum. Students in the SC/ST/OBC categories must have an overall grade point average of 40%.

    Documents Required

    Certificates and Marksheets(Class X and XII)

    NEET Scorecard


    Passport size photographs(number mentioned by the university)

    HIV and Covid tests

    Latest criminal background check

    Letter(s) of recommendation (by the university and the embassy) and any other specific documents that a university may ask for.

    MBBS In Georgia Admission Process

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the most important fact that students should pay attention to. A step-by-step explanation of the procedure leading to admission to the MBBS in Georgia is provided below.

    • The first step in the Georgia MBBS admissions process is REGISTRATION During the "September intake," the majority of the universities here frequently reach capacity. To fill the remaining open seats, some universities even conduct Winter Intakes in December

    • The next stage is ADMISSION where students must submit all the required information requested on the admissions portal of the university along with digital copies of the required documents.

    • The ADMISSION LETTER/LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION (LOR) is produced following review of the student's application. This denotes that the student's application has been approved. The letter is frequently requested by the consultant for MBBS abroad.

    • The DOCUMENTATION process comes next. The relevant authorities' document verification is primarily included in this. Additionally, it entails getting the documents signed and stamped Russian translations and stamps

    • When all of the above- mentioned steps have been taken, the university provides a LETTER OF INVITATION , which serves as official documentation of a student's admission to the university

    • Students can move forward with the VISA formalities once the above said formalities have been completed. The entire process, from application to visa processing, takes a maximum of 5–6 business days. A student visa must be renewed annually and is initially valid for three months (90 Days).

    • The subsequent step in the eventual journey is TICKETING & DEPARTURE This procedure is typically handled by the MBBS abroad consultant.

    MBBS In Georgia Fees

    Georgia is indeed one of the most affordable prospects out there. This is evident from the MBBS in Georgia fee, which begins at a mere INR 7-11 Lakh. Students can get a much better idea about the exact fees of universities below

    0 Lakh

    Eastern European University

    0 Lakh

    Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

    0 Lakh

    Tbilisi Medical State University

    0 Lakh

    Peter Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy