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Nakshtra Education has a quick fix for the students confused whether about study abroad, study in India, or MBBS abroad. We have expert counselors who provide genuine guidance in your journey to being a successful one in any particular education field.

Doctors are considered equal to God and highly respected. In India, the profession of healthcare is one of the most prestige careers. Its reasons are high salary, honor in the society, marvelous lifestyle, and saving lives of people.

Nowadays, Indian students prefer largely to study abroad. It is the only choice left to them because of excessive tuition fees of medical private colleges, and a limited number of seats in Government colleges and universities. Yes, competition in the medical field in India is too hard. Where lakhs of students register for the NEET exam every year and available seats are only in thousands.

Because of this scenario, MBBS in foreign countries for Indian students has become more convenient and Indian students have an excellent alternative to the foreign accredited medical Universities providing certified degrees and that is economical. So, going to study MBBS Abroad is a smart choice for Indian students.

Benefits Of MBBS Abroad

All About MBBS Course

In this medical course, two degrees are contained in one domain – the Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). The name signifies very well that its difficulty level is high. However, the achievements, success, name, and fame pay for the student’s efforts and hard work.

If it is about the pattern of MBBS, India follows the United Kingdom along with other various universities in different countries.

While, if it is the US, their system provides differently both degrees such as MD (Doctors of Medicine) and DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine).

Generally, the time duration of the completion of the MBBS is from 5.5 to 6 years. In which, 4.5 years are for academic education and one year for the internship. Get yourself enrolled in the best university in abroad for MBBS. For information and assistance about the best university for MBBS in abroad, reach out to us today.


Scope And Career In MBBS Abroad

Many of the students follow the conventional ways and go for post-graduation and specializations. Other students choose to practice medicine after MBBS and seek jobs in healthcare. 40 LPA to 80 LPA is the average salary for the profession after doing MBBS Abroad

Here is the list of popular jobs after MBBS Abroad.

• Clinical Research and Academics
• Initiating private practice/clinic.
• Health Administration/Hospital Management.
• Working with a hospital chain.

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS Abroad

All the countries have, however, their own different admission rules and eligibility criteria for International students. These are the common eligibility criteria for Indian MBBS aspirants for the colleges MBBS Abroad. Check out if you meet the following usual eligibility criteria of the foreign countries.

Age Criterion

The minimum age of students is required to be 17 when applying for admission to MBBS Abroad in December. And, there is no maximum age limit for the MBBS Abroad Admission.

Medical Criterion

Complete body checkup RTPCR for COVID-19

Exams To Pass Out For MBBS Abroad

  1. As per the orders of MCE in 2019, NEET is compulsory to qualify Indian students to study MBBS Abroad.
  2. MBBS graduates from foreign Universities have to go through FMGE Exam to practice medicine in India.
  3. NEXT Exam is a must to qualify for the medical students who passed out from Indian Universities to practice medicine in India.
  4. To meet the foreign country’s demand for English proficiency, students can qualify for IELTS, TOEFL, etc. As it depends upon the validation of the country.

Academic Requirements

  • The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is mandatory for the students to enroll in MBBS Abroad.
  • English should be a compulsory subject in +2.
  • Students must have done with +2 from a reputed board of their particular country.
  • 50% are the minimum marks required in +2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main subjects.

Best Place For MBBS In Abroad


Kyrgyzstan has maintained its position on top of the list of MBBS countries. All courses provided in Kyrgyzstan are in the English language. Universities in Kyrgyzstan offer efficient and affordable medical education that captivates the attention of countless students. A plethora of students apply here for MBBS Abroad. Out of which, eligible students are chosen to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. A prolonged list of Universities in this country offers an excellent quality of education. Another important benefit of studying here is a suitable atmosphere at a low cost. And, In the universities of Kyrgyzstan, there is no congestion of students.
The perks of studying MBBS in Georgia are... Financially affordable to study MBBS in  Georgia.   Minimum of 15 MCI-affiliated Universities in this country. Georgia comes in the fourth position regarding the safest country. Tbilisi is the capital as well as the biggest city of Georgia. This country lies at the crossing of Europe and Asia. Moreover, it is known for the Caucasus Mountain villages and the exquisite Black Sea beaches. Studying MBBS Abroad in Georgia has become an excellent center for most of the Indian studnets.
Ukraine is among the top countries because of the education of MBBS abroad. To pursue higher medical education, students migrate to Ukraine from the countries such as Romania, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, and Russia. Since 17 universities are MCI-approved in Ukraine. That makes it the most important center for medical education.
Here are 11 MCI approved universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is famous for deep and exclusive education. All the advanced techniques are used in the universities to make students adroit doctors. As compared to other countries, the admission process in Kazakhstan is quite easy and reachable. Students get an abundance of opportunities while studying in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the most likable country for Indian students.
Russia is a commanding country when it comes to the education of MBBS abroad. Russia’s top-class education and affordable are the reasons for it is the first choice of students for MBBS abroad. Russia’s degree is globally certified which is a crowning achievement. Both practical and theoretical knowledge are marvelous in quality. Graduated students who go for MBBS in Russia have another advantage of a high pay scale globally along with the exposure to such amazing countries. Russia contains a  minimum of 30 MCI-recognized universities that are excellent in every aspect of education.

Major Difference Between MBBS Abroad And MBBS India

There are more similarities between MBBS abroad and MBBS India rather than the contrasts. However, there is one major difference is that apart from top-notch amenities, foreign universities are economical and affordable as compared to India. It means doing mbbs in abroad with low fees is very easy and it opens up many opportunities in the best medical colleges in abroad for Indian students.


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