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Entrance Exams To Study Abroad

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Studying abroad is on high trend. Globalization has made it more possible by connecting the countries. To undertake new opportunities and seek high-quality education, students attempt to qualify for the study abroad entrance exam to get admission into colleges abroad.

So, you must have an idea about the popular and necessary exams for testing English proficiency and other skills. Check out the list of top five exams, out of these you can qualify anyone to go to study abroad.


The most popular and trending entrance exam to study abroad is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Since English is an international language and broadly spoken in various parts of the world. So students aspiring to study abroad have to go through IELTS Exam to show their proficiency in English


Authorized By

A. British Council
B. IDP: IELTS Australia
C. Cambridge Assessments English

Fee Structure

A. In the case of the UK Visas and Immigration: INR 15,100
B. For Computer-delivered IELTS: INR 14,700
C. IELTS Life Skills (A1 and B1): INR 13,940
D. IELTS based on pen and paper: INR 14,700

Exam Pattern

After viewing and understanding the exam pattern, only then a strategy is possible to pass out the exam. For well-preparation, check the exam pattern.


Candidates are given specific tasks to write on particular topics and share their responses. The following parameters are highly considered in the content:

Test Section: Academic Writing

First task

Required words are 150. Candidates have to structure, present, and compare data. Moreover, they have to give an explanation for the stages and write about how a specific event operates

Second task

250 words are a must. In this section, students’ capabilities are judged on how they offer the solution to a problem. They have to compare and contrast proofs and perspectives and explanations, etc.

General Writing

First task

Students’ capabilities to write needs, aspire, likes, and dislikes are judged. They are tested on how they express general concepts

Second task

Judgement of students’ skills to give factual information, outline a difficulty, and their way of offering a solution. Testing of their ability to express views, opposite points, etc.


A broad range of skill sets is crucial to qualify the level of listening. These skills are mentioned below:


The ability of students in following the creation of an argument.


The understanding level of students and also the information-based replies.


Understanding level of candidates when there are some wide and comprehend ideas.


4. How’s the presence of mind of students to understand and acknowledge the perspectives, viewpoints, attitudes, and intentions of a speaker

Text section

incorporates casual communication between two people

A monologue on a daily-basis situation.

Communication among four people with an educational/training background.

Monologue on an educational topic.

Every section is played only once.

Marking Scheme


Set your favorite Elementor FAQ style to help users get the exact information.


Reading for key points.


Reading for essence.


Reading on detailed topics.


Comprehension of inferences and suggested meaning


Acknowledging and comprehension of the attitudes, perspectives, and aims of writers.


The ability of students in following an argument.

Test Sections

Academic Reading:

There are a total of three sections of 2,150,-2,750 words. Every section includes one lengthy text from renowned journals, books, newspapers, and magazines.

The test can be in a different context such as information-based, descriptive, analytical, or discursive. Moreover, there can be graphical representations such as graphs, diagrams, and illustrations.

The glossary is there because of technical terms.

Includes 2-3 brief factual writings on topics associated with everyday life that is common in an English-speaking country.

Two varied factual writings on the matters associated with work.

One comparatively lengthy text on a common interest topic.

Marking Scheme

Test Sections

Self-introduction and interview about their family, home, and other similar topics. Its time duration is 4-5 minutes and must have the ability to introduce itself.

In this 3-4 minute test, students are given a topic and the suitable points regarding the topic. Also, a pen and paper are given to students with 1 minute to prepare the content. Following that, they have to conversate for 1-2 minutes and also answer the examiner’s questions.

Two-way communication

In this 4-5 minute test, examiners ask questions related to the topic of part 2. These can result in communicating on abstract matters.

Marking Scheme

PTE Exam

PTE Exam stands for The Pearson Language Test, it is a computer-based exam that tests the candidates’ proficiency and fluency in the English language. Candidates have to go through a test who aspire to study or work in an English-speaking country.

This study abroad entrance exam is of 3 hours that tests the candidates’ ability of English, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Authorized By

Pearson Group

Fee Structure

For a wide range of countries, PTE Academic = INR 13,700
For the UK: PTE Academic UKVI (Visa) = INR 14,400
PTE Home A1 and B1 = INR 12,200


The first section of this test is Speaking and Writing. This is the lengthiest section of the PTE Exam that is beyond an hour. The test of 77-93 minute and it contains 7 questions. The purpose of this section is to test the writing and speaking skills of candidates on which the context is related to an academic situation.




This part examines the catching and understanding of candidates when they are offered eternal data for a few time. Check out the following section to know in detail about all the questions:

Fill In The Blanks

Text of around 80 words will be given on the screen with several blanks. Students have to drag the suitable words from the box below the screen.

Write From Dictation

Here, candidates are required to type the text after listening to the recording.

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Students have to choose a specific answer from the multiple-choice answers.

Multiple Choices, Multiple Answers

This section contains the multiple-choice answers. Candidates can select more than one answer

Highlight Incorrect Word

Candidates are given the text of a recording meanwhile a similar recording plays. They have to examine the incorrect words from the text after listening to the recording.

Highlight Correct Summary

Afterward listening to the recording, candidates have to choose the best summarizing paragraph.

Summarize Spoken Text

Just after listening to an audio of 60-60 seconds. The next step is to write a summary of 50-70 words.

Select Missing Word

Following listening to a recording, the candidates have to choose the accurate word that fulfills the recording.



This exam is for testing the foreign language of an individual. TOEFL Exam gauges the four English language skills of the candidate. These are Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening.

This entrance exam for study abroad has the acknowledgments and acceptance by 11,000 universities throughout 150 countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many others.

Authorized By

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Fee Structure

$190/INR 14,096


This part examines the ability of the candidates to read and understand the Tran scripted data, particularly which are used in academic situations. The time limit of this test is 54-72 minutes and it includes data from university-level textbooks concerned with a specific topic.


In this section, a test is conducted especially to measure the fluency in English of the candidates in an academic context. So, this test incorporates four tasks containing real-life academic conditions



This section tests the writing skills of the candidates, particularly how briefly and clearly they express their ideas.

GRE Exam

The Graduate Record Examinations i.e. the GRE Exam is for the candidates who aspire to pursue a master’s degree or particularized master’s degree in MBA or JD or any doctoral degree.<br>

The GRE Exam is acknowledged by B-schools, law, and graduate schools globally. Moreover, candidates’ GRE Exam marks can be an addition to their undergraduate scores and other documents that are important for admission such as LORs.

Authorized By

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Fee Structure

$213/INR 15,820


The GMAT Exam (The Graduate Management Admission Test) is required for testing the candidates’ business and management skills. This test is conducted by business schools. The skill included in the test are as follows:

This is a computer-based test that makes use of first-class technology to offer questions to candidates according to their ability. The GMAT Exam is acknowledged by about 21,000 universities throughout 114 countries for 6000+ courses. It is a highly reputed and recognized exam because its said questions are created by international experts to avoid the US-centric and English-speaking partiality.

Authorized By

GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

Fee Structure

$250/INR 18,569

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