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Career Scopes After MBBS Abroad

After completing their education, every medical aspirant hopes to work for one of the most reputable healthcare organizations or open their own clinic. While both of these options are evenly effective and will lead to your generating a respectable fortune, practicing in a more developed economy or conducting it from a country other than your own will help you become more skilled. Due to the cross-cultural experience that will benefit your career, both financially and professionally. One of the many advantages is understanding how various healthcare facilities operate and the various types of treatments that are applied. Additionally, students studying abroad have a wide range of options outside of practicing medicine.

Specialization and Higher Education

After obtaining their MBBS, many students may believe that finding employment in the medical field without specializations will be more challenging. While in some cases it is true, students may also begin applying for jobs as soon as they have earned their MBBS degree. However, developing a specialization will increase your chances of landing a good job and increase your assurance in joining a particular department.

You can earn your MBBS from any accredited university, after which you can pursue a postgraduate degree in any field related to medicine and specialize. Here are a few of them:

USMLE and PLAB Exam for Indian Students

You can become a medical professional in nations like the USA and UK, respectively, by passing the USMLE and PLAB exams



United States Medical Licensing Examination, or USMLE, is a three-step process that will grant you a legitimate licence that will allow you to carry out your line of work in the USA. Through three different tests, the exam will gauge your knowledge of theoretic, practical, and clinical concepts.


For students who want to work as doctors in the UK, PLAB, or the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board, is relevant. Two exams serve as the main testing methods for candidates. The next exam will assess your practical application of the skills in the field while the first will test your expertise of medical acute and chronic illnesses to see how well you can manage the conditions.

Jobs Role

  • Hospital Administration Jobs - Before working as a doctor, some of you might want to try your hand at hospital administration work so that you can experience the environment of a healthcare facility and gain exposure to it. Ability to manage hospital affairs, infrastructure, records maintenance, and other consultation procedures are all part of the hospital administration job requirements. But you can always go down that route and submit an application to practice as a doctor after gaining some relevant experience.

  • Teaching- You need an MS/MD degree from an accredited university along with the necessary theoretical and practical understanding to work as a teacher, professor, or assistant professor in the medical field. Since they are experts in the subject, they would like to share important knowledge. A high salary is also paid to medical professors, and it rises as they gain more classroom experience

  • Researcher -There are numerous prospects for research in numerous fields in the vast medical field. People look for expert consultation for their healthcare as various diseases and disorders emerge. Every country's government is now focused on providing adequate healthcare as another essential component of successful holistic development. Medical research and development must continue in order to maintain each of these aspects.

  • Health/medical journalism and medical writing: -You have the option to work independently, for an organization, or for the mainstream media as a medical researcher in this field. You'll be inclined to publish manuscripts, clinical trial reports, news articles, regulatory filings, and presentations on abstracts.

  • Entrepreneur -Following MBBS, one can pursue entrepreneurship, work for healthcare organizations, or join consulting firms by pursuing an MBA. Among many other exciting job profiles, you could have the following ones: Healthcare license consultant, fellow in clinical research. Contact Nakshatra Education if you’re interested in studying MBBS abroad. We will give you all the assistance you need, from the application procedure to graduating from an international medical school.

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